Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

IX. Personnel/Payroll Action Form (PPAF)

A. Personnel/Payroll Action Form PPAF

A Personnel/Payroll Action Form (PPAF) must be completed by the supervisor whenever there is a change in an employee's status.  This includes hiring, changes in pay rates, hours worked, title changes, unpaid work time, and termination.  The form is forwarded to the appropriate Vice President or higher level authority for signature, and then forwarded to Human Resources. 

Upon review and signature, Human Resources forwards the PPAF to the Vice President/Treasurer for review and signature.  It is then sent to the Payroll Office for processing.

The PPAF is included in the employee's personnel file after being processed. Blank forms are available in Human Resources

last revised: 2/23/2012

last reviewed: 2/23/2012

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