Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

IV. Performance review and planning

G. Preparing for the year-end discussion

There are a number of options in preparing for the year-end discussion.  The supervisor and employee may each wish to separately complete the "Review Summary" and then compare results.  The supervisor and employee may agree that only one of them will complete the "Review Summary" in preparation for the discussion.  In any case, the supervisor has final responsibility and authority for performance review and planning, including the "Review Summary."

Some examples of questions for the supervisor and/or employee to consider in preparation for the discussion are:

  1. What changes have been made, or attempted, to improve the quality or quantity of work performed?
  2. Evaluate interaction with other staff, with students, and with faculty. Are there ways that those interactions could be improved?
  3. What are examples of the types of errors made, and what attempts have been made to reduce those errors?
  4. What are examples of the time necessary to respond to different levels of requests? Could there be improvement, and how?
  5. Would any efforts over the last year translate into dollars saved? If so, how much?
  6. Was the work performed within budget? Why or why not?
  7. Was extra work taken on? If so, please explain why and describe the task(s).
  8. Is additional training desired or necessary? If so, in what areas?
  9. Is additional responsibility desired and/or possible? If so, in what areas?
  10. Has decision-making authority been appropriate to decision-making ability? Give examples.
  11. What are examples of cooperation with others to accomplish tasks?
  12. How is criticism received? Are desired changes made?
  13. Is initiative adequately encouraged and supported?
  14. What would make it possible for the present job to be done better?
  15. What are the most enjoyable aspect(s) of the job?
  16. What job tasks have provided the most satisfaction?
  17. What steps have been taken to make the job easier, more enjoyable, more satisfying?
  18. What tasks were performed particularly well?
  19. Where is improvement desirable?
  20. What additional work would be appropriate?
  21. What training or additional skills would be necessary to be considered for promotion?
  22. How will you and the employee accomplish required training or follow-up?
  23. What is an appropriate schedule for meeting necessary improvements and follow-up?


last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/20/2012

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