Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

II. Hiring a new employee

C. Recruitment

Decisions to be made before beginning the recruiting process are:

  • in addition to internal recruiting methods, what if any external sources will be used;
  • how long will the position remain open for receiving applications;
  • what is the approximate timeline for screening and interviewing;
  • what will be required from applicants, i.e. resume and cover letter, current salary, salary history, reference letters;
  • who will do the screening;
  • who will notify unsuccessful candidates;
  • what levels of management must approve the selection, prior to a position being offered;
  • if travel expenses become necessary, to what account must they be charged.

A Reed College Employment application is required of all applicants.  The HR department will receive applications from applicants for tracking purposes, and will  forward applicant materials to the hiring supervisor or designee.

Internal Procedures

The college has made a commitment to staff that, to the extent that it is feasible and appropriate, the college will post all vacant positions internally.  The Human Resources Office will ensure that the following steps are taken when notified a recruitment is to begin:

  • the announcement will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Human Resources office;
  • the announcement will be posted on the Reed College web page.

External Procedures

Supervisors may decide to recruit externally 1) only if necessary after screening internal candidates, or 2) may recruit both internally and externally at the same time. 

Sources typically used in an external recruitment are online, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and other publications as needed.  Generally, employment agencies that charge fees to either the employer or applicant are not used.

Each advertisement must indicate that Reed College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The cost of advertisements will be charged to the budget of the department placing the ad.

Words used in ads should be to the point and used sparingly.  The ad serves as a notification of vacancy, but can also serve as an initial screening device.  In other words, it should encourage applications from those whose background and experience meet the minimum qualifications required for the position. 

Human Resources is available for assistance in determining methods of recruitment and the creation of postings and advertisements.

last revised: 2/17/2012

last reviewed: 2/17/2012

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