Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

II. Hiring a new employee

H. Conducting the interview

Beginning the interview

  • be open and friendly but not overly chatty;
  • show the applicant where to sit, if it is not immediately obvious;
  • introduce yourself, using your name and title; introduce other panel members;
  • explain the process that will be used:
    • how long is the interview scheduled for;
    • if reading the questions, explain that you will be reading them so that all applicants are asked the same questions;
    • explain that you will be taking notes of their answers;
    • explain the format, for instance, asking questions first, brief explanation of the job, applicant asks questions, tour of the building, etc;
    • when will a decision be made;
    • will all interviewees be notified.

Facilitating the interview

  • give the applicant your undivided attention;
  • take notes of the applicant's responses;
  • ask each applicant the same basic questions;
  • avoid questions that elicit only a “yes” or “no” response;
  • ask follow-up questions that encourage further conversation, such as "can you say more", "will you expand on that"; "I'd like to hear more about that"; "would you elaborate"; "can you give me more detail"; "could you give me an example";
  • give non-verbal signals that you are listening, such as head nodding, eye contact, and leaning forward;
  • avoid facial expressions, gestures, or words which are unduly sympathetic or disapproving;
  • keep questions as short as possible, and avoid making speeches;
  • avoid giving personal opinions;
  • do not digress into sensitive, personal areas that are non-job related;
  • maintain control of the interview, so that questions are answered without unnecessary digression;
  • when asking role playing or situational types of questions, do not suggest the desired answer;
  • allow silence.

Closing the interview

  • ask applicant if he/she has any additional questions;
  • give applicant any appropriate materials, such as a business card and the HR benefit brochure
  • repeat what the next steps will be (when is decision made, etc);
  • do not give the applicant false expectations;
  • escort the applicant from the room.

last revised: 2/17/2012

last reviewed: 2/17/2012

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