Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

II. Hiring a new employee

L. Background checks

For certain positions, background checks are required.  These positions include employees in the nuclear reactor, employees who work with children in the Psychology Department, and Community Safety.  The background checks for Community Safety are conducted through the DPSST (Department of Safety and Security Training) certification process. The reactor department completes the background checks for the nuclear reactor.

All job offers for these positions must be made contingent upon an acceptable background investigation. In most cases, the background investigation will be conducted only on the final candidate to whom we intend to make a job offer.  However, in order to expedite the process, the hiring manager may want to ask all finalists to complete the paperwork in their final interview.   Reed College will be the sole determinant as to an employee’s acceptability based on the background investigation. 

The Human Resources Office will contract with an appropriate background investigations company, establish what information is to be collected and for what purpose, and maintain all records in files separate from the employee’s personnel file.   The budget for background checks will be developed and maintained by the department requiring the background checks. 

To initiate the background investigation, the following steps must be taken by the hiring supervisor;

The potential employee must complete the Reed College application form and sign it.  This document details the consequences of incomplete or inaccurate information, an essential requirement;

The potential employee also reads, completes and signs the following forms:
  • Disclosure  to Employment Applicant Regarding Procurement of a Consumer Report Form;
    • Have the potential employee read and sign this form;
    • Make a copy and give the original to the potential employee;
  • Release Authorization Form;
    • Have the potential employee read and sign this form;
    • Make a copy and give the original to the potential employee;
  • “Summary of Your Rights under the FCRA” this is a federally required document that must be given to the potential employee to be in compliance with the law.

Submit the forms to Human Resources who will then send the information to the background investigation companies. 

An applicant who refuses to sign the forms is no longer considered eligible for employment.

Human Resources will notify the supervisor of the results of the background investigation immediately upon receipt.  If the background investigation is acceptable, the supervisor then notifies the potential employee that the hiring process can proceed. 

If the potential employee is denied employment in whole or in part because of the information obtained in his/her background check, the person will be informed by the background investigation company and given the name, address and phone number of the screening provider to contact if s/he has specific questions about the result of the check or wants to dispute its accuracy.  The potential employee will have 5 business days in which to dispute the results during which time, no final hiring decision may be made.  After 5 business days, the final notification will be sent to the potential employee and the hiring process may proceed with other candidates. 

A potential employee who provides misleading, erroneous or willfully deceptive information on an employment application, resume, or in an interview is immediately eliminated from further consideration for employment with Reed College. 

last revised: 2/17/2012

last reviewed: 2/17/2012

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