Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

VI. Employee assistance and complaints

C. Investigating complaints

Supervisors may be approached by an employee with a complaint or concern about any number of issues that go beyond the scope of the work performed.  Some examples are observing unethical, inappropriate or illegal activity or behavior, being treated in a discriminatory manner by another community member, sexual or other kinds of harassment, etc. 

When a supervisor has been approached by an employee with a problem or complaint of a serious or unlawful nature, the institution has been "put on notice" that the problem exists, and it creates an obligation on the part of the institution to investigate and correct the problem.  Supervisors must immediately notify the appropriate college representatives and notify the employee that the information cannot be kept confidential.

In the case of sexual harassment, refer to Section III, Employment Law in the Staff Polices and Procedures manual, for the college's policies and procedures relating to a sexual harassment complaint.

Failure or refusal to cooperate in or interference with an internal investigation is grounds for discipline up to and including discharge.  

last revised: 2/20/2012

last reviewed: 2/22/2012

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