Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

VI. Employee assistance and complaints

A. Employee assistance program

The employee assistance program at Reed College is administered by Cascade Centers (refer to Section VII, Benefits in the Staff Polices and Procedures manual).  Counselors are available to assist employees and dependents with personal problems.

The employee assistance program can also provide an additional tool for supervisors when an employee's problem is affecting his or her job performance.   Supervisors often do not know when or how to approach an employee with a problem and it can have a negative impact on the work relationship. 

A troubled employee may or may not have problems that affect job performance, but when it does affect performance, the troubled employee becomes less productive. "Some of the characteristics of an employee who may be affected by personal problems are 1) increased absenteeism; 2) on-the-job absenteeism; 3) high accident rate; 4) difficulty in concentration; 5) confusion; 6) erratic work patterns; 7) lowered job efficiency; 8) poor employee relationships on the job.

The supervisor's analysis of the situation should only relate to the requirements of the job and the employee's performance.  Do not attempt to diagnose the problem or ask for personal information.  The supervisor may, on the other hand, ask the employee if there are personal issues or problems affecting performance that may be helped through the employee assistance program. 

Supervisors may refer an employee for counseling as part of a discipline process or "last chance agreement."  Contact Human Resources for further information.

last revised: 2/20/2012

last reviewed: 2/20/2012

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