Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

VII. Corrective action

C. Key factors in assessing a performance problem

  1. What are the facts surrounding the problem?
  2. What kind of assessment/investigation was done to determine the facts?
  3. What was the employee's response or reasons given during the assessment/investigation?
  4. Is this an ongoing problem or an isolated incident?
  5. How serious is the problem?
  6. Are there mitigating factors in this case?
  7. In the case of an isolated incident, how much time has elapsed since the incident?
  8. Is this a problem that could be corrected if the employee were given additional training or information?
  9. Is this problem within the employee's ability to correct, or is it a problem over which he/she has no control?
  10. What is the employee's work history relating to past performance problems and other corrective actions taken?
  11. What is the risk in not confronting the employee and letting the problem continue?  What is the impact on other employees? What is the impact on the department and attaining departmental goals?
  12. Is there any possibility this employee would be singled out if corrective action were taken, or has the college applied the policy/standard consistently?
  13. Is the problem related to a disability or protected status?  (If so, contact Human Resources)

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/20/2012

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