Human Resources

Staff Policies

IX. Staff Development

A. Performance review and planning

It is the policy of Reed College to provide a regular and consistent approach to conducting performance reviews for all members of the staff.  It will serve at least these purposes:

  • to recognize and encourage excellence in performance and to provide one measure in creating an equitable basis for award of merit pay increases;
  • to improve performance, to identify weaknesses or problems and strategies for dealing with these, and to promote professional growth; and
  • to foster a positive work environment and to promote communication among staff and between supervisors and staff.

Performance reviews are based on a person's job description. While there is a common and consistent approach to performance reviews, members of the staff are evaluated with regard to those tasks and responsibilities that are contained in his/her specific job description. 

Performance reviews are both reflective (appraising work completed) and forward looking (setting expectations and objectives for the future).

There will normally be a written appraisal at least once each year, and this written appraisal will be the basis of a discussion between a staff member and his/her supervisor.  There should be on-going feedback over the course of the year

Supervisors initiate the formal performance review and planning process on an annual basis.  This cycle can be based on the employee's anniversary date, on the fiscal year, calendar year, or any basis that works most effectively.  The supervisor should indicate in advance to his/her supervisor and to the employee what the annual cycle will be.

Sample forms for conducting the formal performance review and planning process are available from the Human Resources Department. 

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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