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Most accidents are caused by a failure of people, equipment, materials, or environments to behave or react as expected.  Accident investigations are an important part of the college's accident prevention program.  By providing insight into the causes of an accident, it is possible to prevent a similar or more serious accident from happening.

Reports to be completed:

Even an injury that does not require medical attention must be immediately reported to the supervisor.  This protects the worker should the injury worsen and result in lost time and/or the need for medical attention.  It is important to report even those injuries which seem trivial at the time.  Studies show that time loss injuries are often preceded by less severe incidents.  Early investigation and mitigation of potential problems can lead to reduced occupational accidents, but once again, these incidents must be reported in order for the college to adequately evaluate the risk to the employee.

A "Report of Accident" form can be obtained from the Human Resources Office and by following this link.  This form should be used by supervisors to report any incident (an accident involving no medical treatment or time lost) which occurs in his/her area, even if it happens to a volunteer or visitor.  A copy of this form should be forwarded to the Human Resources Office within 48 hours following the accident so that a timely investigation can occur.

If an on-the-job injury results in a visit to a physician or in time lost from work, a "Report of Occupational Injury and Disease" form available in Human Resources and by following this link also known as an 801 form must be filled out. The form should be completed and returned to the Human Resources Office within 48 hours following the injury.  The Human Resources Office will forward a copy of the completed form to the Environmental/Safety Coordinator so that a timely investigation can be conducted.  Because of the lag time associated with these written reports, all serious accidents should also be reported by telephone to the Human Resources Office and/or the Environmental/Safety Coordinator immediately. 

Failure to promptly file an 801 form may slow or reduce and in some cases preclude an injured worker's benefits: 

Accident investigations are performed in order to evaluate the risk of repeat accidents to others and to remove the causes altogether, if possible.  Accident investigations will be conducted by the Environmental/Safety Coordinator and/or the Safety Committee.

Workers' Compensation rules and information:

What happens if you get hurt on the job?  First, as noted above, you must report your injury immediately!  (If you are severely injured and need immediate medical attention, a co-worker can inform your supervisor.)   Then, if necessary, seek medical attention.  In Oregon, you may choose your own physician; however, the doctor you select must practice in Oregon.   When you first see your physician for a workers' compensation claim, you must inform the physician that your injury happened on the job or that you believe your illness is job-related.

After receiving your completed 801 form, the insurance company will decide to accept or deny it.  This decision must be made within 90 days from the day you told your employer about your injury.  If your claim is accepted, you will receive a Notice of Acceptance from the insurer.  If your claim is denied, you will receive a letter from the insurer telling you about your right to appeal the denial.

Any accrued sick leave that you have can be used for the first 3 days as applicable.  If you do not have any accrued sick leave, Reed College will pay you for the first 3 days as applicable. Workers compensation will not be paid to you for the first three calendar days for your time off work unless you are off work for 14 days in a row or hospitalized overnight as an inpatient within the first 14 days.  Thereafter, if your health care provider authorizes your absence from work, you may receive payments for lost wages.

Employees who are physician approved off for longer than 12 weeks in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, will be placed on Unpaid Medical Leave for up to a maximum of six months, including time spent for FMLA/OFLA, until released to work by the physician.  If the employee is not able to return to work after a total of six months, employment will be terminated, but can be reinstated at a later time in compliance with Oregon Workers Compensation law.

The college will continue to provide health, dental, life, and disability insurance for you while on unpaid Worker's Compensation leave under the same terms and conditions it would have been provided if you had not gone on leave.  However, there will be no retirement contributions, accrual or accumulation of vacation and sick leave during the unpaid leave, and holidays observed by the college will not be paid during the unpaid leave. 

You are responsible for payment of the employee portion of health and dental benefits and must submit payment to the Human Resources Office on a monthly basis.  Failure to do so may result in the termination of benefits.

The supervisor is to complete time slips for injured employees indicating days missed from work with a "W" for worker's compensation until the employee returns to work.  Time slips are to be sent to the payroll office with a copy to Human Resources.

Please follow this link to download or view a guide titled What Happens if I'm Hurt on the Job; a guide to Oregon's workers' compensation benefits, rights and reponsibilities.  This guide is also available in the Human Resources Office.

There are several types of benefits which you may receive from a workers' compensation claim. 

Instructions for completing  "Accident Report":

Forms are available in the Human Resources Office and by following this link.  The supervisor, instructor, or department administrator is required to complete sections 1-3 of the Accident Report.  The name and title of the individual completing the form are required on the lines provided at the bottom.  (Sections below correspond to the sections on the form.)


Section I:              Complete the information about the injured person.

Section II:             Findings, report what you think caused the accident.

Section III:            Recommendations, immediate and long-term corrections.

Instructions for completing  "801 Form":

Forms are available in the Human Resources Office and by following this link. The 801 form must be completed and sent to the Human Resources Office within 48 hours of the date the employer first knew of the injury.  If the employee is not available, the supervisor should complete the form for the employee and note "not available for signature" on the worker signature line.  Do not delay submitting the 801 by waiting for a signature.

Send all copies to the Human Resources Office.

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