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A. Working Hours

7. Maintenance/Audio Visual on-call premium pay

This program applies only to non-exempt maintenance and audio visual staff who are required to carry a pager on a one-week or split week (audio visual) rotation and respond immediately to emergency calls, both by telephone and in person.

Each maintenance employee will receive $50 premium pay for each full week he/she is required to carry the pager. Each audio visual employee will receive premium pay as described above; however, the week will be split if applicable. This premium pay will be added to the employee’s base rate of pay in the pay period following completion of the full week’s rotation. No premium pay will be payable in advance.

Employees who are on-call in accordance with this premium pay program will receive time and one-half pay when called in to work. Regardless of the number of hours worked in the workweek, pay will remain time and a half the employee’s regular base rate of pay with only one exception. When called in to work on a regularly scheduled holiday, employees will receive double time plus their regular pay for the holiday.

Paid time will begin when the employee arrives on campus and begins work and end when the job is completed and the employee leaves campus. No travel time to and from home will be construed as work time or paid time. However, the minimum pay for this on-call premium pay will be two hours of pay when an employee is called in to work.

This program may be eliminated at any time the college believes it is no longer in its best interest to continue. The program is evaluated and the decision to continue or discontinue is generally made on an annual basis.

last revised: 3/15/2013

last reviewed: 3/15/2013

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