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XIII. Grievance process

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Grievance process

The college wishes to provide each employee with a process for achieving resolution of work-related misunderstandings.  To ensure this occurs, the college has established a grievance procedure which all except union employees may follow to identify and resolve differences with the college over wages, hours, or working conditions. 

Union employee grievance procedures are provided by the contract between the union and the college. 

This same process applies to achieve resolution of charges of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national or ethnic origin, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal law.  Charges of sexual harassment should be resolved in accordance with the procedures outlined in Section III, Employment Law.  Charges of other types of harassment should be resolved according to the steps of this process.

Employees shall not be discriminated against or disciplined because they have in good faith availed themselves of this procedure.

Employees are allowed to have a co-worker of their choice present, if they request it, during the grievance process up to and including the grievance board hearing. 

Step 1: 

The employee shall discuss the complaint, harassment, or act of discrimination with either the immediate supervisor, or alternately, with the Director of Human Resources, within ten (10) working days of the occurrence giving rise to the complaint.  Every effort should be made to resolve the complaint at this step.  However, if resolution is not achieved after the Step 1 discussion and the employee wishes to pursue the matter further, then…

Step 2: 

Within seven (7) working days of the discussion of Step 1, the employee will discuss the grievance with the Director of Human Resources, who will attempt to resolve the grievance.  If resolution is not achieved after the Step 2 discussion, and if the employee wishes to pursue the matter further, then…

Step 3: 

The employee shall, within seven (7) working days of the discussion at Step 2, present a written grievance explaining the basis for the grievance to the Director of Human Resources.

Step 4: 

Upon receipt of a written grievance, the Director of Human Resources shall promptly arrange for a Hearing Board consisting of up to three of the college's four vice presidents (excluding any vice president involved or responsible for the area where the grieving employee works).  The Director of Human Resources shall provide the board members with a copy of the employee's written grievance and a statement regarding the Director's efforts to resolve the grievance at Step 2.  The board shall make inquiry into the alleged grievance, conducting such interviews and making such inquiries as it considers necessary to obtain a full understanding of the facts surrounding it.  The board should make a written recommendation of specific action for the resolution of the grievance.

The board may choose to record its interviews.  Transcripts will not be provided to any of the participants or the employee presenting the grievance.  The Director of Human Resources will serve as recorder for the

Hearing Board.  None of the participants in the process may be represented by an attorney.

Step 5:  

If the employee wishes to pursue the matter further, the employee shall, within seven (7) working days of the issuance of the Hearing Board's recommended resolution, file a written statement with the President of the college stating why the employee believes the recommended action to be unsatisfactory.  The President shall review the record and make a decision in the matter, which decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

Failure to present a grievance or to pursue it to the next step of the above procedure within the specified time periods shall be deemed a waiver by the employee of any further appeal of the matter, and it shall then be considered resolved and closed.

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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