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B. Types of Appointments

5. Temporary

Temporary employees are employed for a specific, usually predetermined, period of time and for no more than 6 months or 900 hours (within a year) if the 900 hours are reached first.  A temporary employee may be re-appointed to one additional appointment (not to exceed more than 6 months or 900 hours within a year).  Temporary employees are generally hired to replace staff members on leave, assist during peak workload periods or perform seasonal duties.  If the projected time and hour commitment is greater than six months or 900 hours per year, a temporary employee may be eligible for the college benefit programs.  Their appointment will still require a limited duration of time or hours worked.  This action is subject to approval of the applicable vice president in consultation with the Director of Human Resources and the VP/Treasurer. 

Temporary employees will be paid on an hourly basis.

Temporary employees must sign a standard agreement with Reed College which specifies the terms and conditions of the appointment, including the specific duration (beginning and ending date) of the appointment. 

Temporary employee forms are available from the Human Resources Office.  Supervisors must complete a Personnel Action Form attaching a copy of the signed agreement in order to appoint a temporary employee.  Temporary employees will be required to complete I-9, W-4, and other appropriate paperwork upon appointment.

Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits except those defined in the benefit section of the policy manual or as required by law.

last revised: 3/20/2013

last reviewed: 3/15/2013

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