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C. Performance Award Program

4. Procedures

In April of each year, the college sends a memo to all supervisory staff to advise them of the deadline for submission of performance award requests. The Dean of the Faculty's Office sends a memo in March of each year to the faculty who supervise staff.

Supervisors are responsible for assessing the performance of each subordinate and making a determination as to whether the employee has achieved a level of performance that is truly exceptional. Although the performance review process is separate from the performance award process, the most recent performance review for the employee must be attached to the performance award request and be consistent with the request.

The supervisor must prepare each request in writing on the request form available in the Human Resources Office.

The supervisor has the option of informing the employee of the decision to recommend or not recommend the employee for a performance award at this time.

The written request with a copy of the employee's most recent performance review is forwarded by the supervisor to the appropriate vice president or dean for review. The vice president/dean may deny the request at this point and inform the supervisor.

When all requests have been reviewed individually, the Dean of the Faculty and the three college vice presidents may meet as a group to make a final decision. The dean/vice presidents notify each supervisor in his/her area of responsibility of the final decision regarding each request.

Employees are notified of their performance award increase first by the supervisor upon notification by the appropriate vice president, and then in the salary letter distributed by the President in June of each year.

The written request for a performance award, whether approved or denied, is forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion in the personnel file of each employee. If the supervisor has not yet informed the employee that the performance award request was made, the supervisor must notify the employee at this time and indicate that a copy of the request is being forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion in the employee's personnel file.

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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