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C. Performance Award Program

1. Performance award program

The performance award program is designed to reward and recognize employees who have achieved exceptional performance over the past academic year. This level of performance must be consistent and must occur over an extended period. The decision as to granting or not of performance awards and amount of the awards is determined and announced prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Criteria to be included in the evaluation are:

  • Describe the specific achievements that are examples of the employee's having exceeded performance expectations including the ways in which the work unit, department, and/or College has benefited.
    consider projects, assignments, tasks, streamlining, improving the effectiveness of the department, increased productivity, specific cost savings expected or realized, improved morale, what was new about the achievements, what was different about the achievements, what is not being done anymore as a result of the employee's contributions)
  • Describe the employee’s outstanding skills and abilities that contributed to this success.
    consider communication skills, listening skills, analytical ability, decision making, organizational ability, innovation, dealing effectively with change, initiative, creativity, exceedingly high quality of work, beating deadlines without compromising quality, and related topics)
  • Describe the outstanding manner and style in which this employee does his/her work that contributed to this success.
    (consider enthusiasm, cheerfulness, cooperation, collaboration, strong service orientation, interpersonal skills, dealing effectively with conflict/confrontation, desire for creating a positive image for the department and the college, and related topics)

Complete Question 4 if the employee is a supervisor or managerial employee.

  • Describe the supervisory, managerial, and leadership skills that have exceeded performance expectations.
    (consider selection, training, performance evaluation, corrective action, effective delegation, understanding and motivating employees, managing change, human and financial resource allocation, strategic planning, policy development, organizational design, program design, empowerment, inspiring innovation and creativity, and related topics)

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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