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Staff Policies and Procedures Manual

K. Tuition Programs

4. To apply for tuition remission/exchange

Reed College reserves the right to change, terminate or otherwise modify any or all provisions of the following benefits at any time and for any reason.

Application for tuition remission benefits is to be made in the Business Office and repeated before each payment period. Each application must include the semester or quarter billing from the college the dependent is attending.

Application for the tuition exchange program is made by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

General provisions for remission/exchange:

  • applies only to undergraduate academic work at accredited colleges or universities, including public community colleges;
  • eligibility is for no more than a total of eight semesters or twelve quarters.  The quarters/semesters do not have to be consecutive, nor do they have to be at the same institution.  If payment is made for a regular summer session (quarter or semester), it will be counted as a regular academic term in determining eligibility;
  • the term "required fees" as used herein includes only those fees which are payable and non-refundable by all full-time, regular undergraduate students at the particular college;
  • if there are not enough student exchanges between schools, the exchange program may be denied.

last revised: 2/13/2012

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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