Human Resources

Staff Policies

D. Miscellaneous

8. No solicitation/no distribution rule:

In order to prevent disruption in the operation of the college, interference with work and inconvenience to other employees, solicitation by any employee for any cause, or distribution of literature of any kind by any employee, during work time, is not permitted. Neither may an employee who is not on working time solicit an employee who is on working time for any cause or distribute literature of any kind to that person.

Whether on working time or not, no employee may distribute literature of any kind in any working areas. Working areas include all academic buildings in which students, staff and faculty work and attend classes.

For purposes of these rules, working time is that time which the employee is scheduled to be on duty and for which the employee is being paid, excluding rest periods, lunch periods, and time before and after the employee’s working day.

Persons other than college employees shall not be permitted to solicit college employees or distribute literature to employees on the college premises at any time without prior approval of management.

last revised: 2/13/2012

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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