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Photo of Hannah Kosstrin

Hannah Kosstrin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance
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Performing Arts Building 136
Dance history and critical theory, gender studies, Labanotation, technique
B.A. 2001 Goucher College
M.A. 2003 The Ohio State University
Ph.D. 2011 The Ohio State University
Reed College 2010–

Photo of Carla Mann

Carla Mann

Professor of Dance / Department Chair
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Performing Arts Building 140
Technique, choreography, improvisation, cultural studies
B.A. 1981 Reed College
M.A. 1997 Wesleyan University
Reed College 1995–

Photo of Minh Tran

Minh Tran

Visiting Associate Professor of Dance
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Performing Arts Building 139
Technique, choreography, Southeast Asian dance
B.S. 1989 Portland State University
M.F.A. 1998 University of Washington
Reed College 2008–

Photo of Cathy D'Ambrosia

Cathy L. D'Ambrosia

Administrative Assistant to the Faculty
Library 317