Community Day

performing arts building


The following presentations will take place concurrently at both 2 and 7 p.m. in the locations specified within the Performing Arts Building. All performances feature Reed students and alumni along with current performing arts faculty members.

Chamber Music

Choral Rehearsal Room

These traditional and contemporary performances feature music department faculty members.

Paganini Variations for Two Pianos

by Witold Lutoslawski

Susan Smith, piano
Denise VanLeuven, piano

Celebration from Vashti

by David Schiff

Todd Kuhns, clarinet
Denise VanLeuven, piano

Trio Sonata

by J.S. Bach

Max Fuller, cello
Bonnie Garrett, harpsichord
Bill Hunt, violin
Vicki Pich, viola

The “Priest” Duet from Sweeney Todd

by Stephen Sondheim

Barbara Irvin, mezzo-soprano
Gina Pruitt, piano
John Vergin, baritone

Suite Populaire Espagnole

by Manuel de Falla

John Hubbard, cello
Denise VanLeuven, piano

Golden Motors

Diver Studio Theatre

Golden Motors is a book musical that takes place during the early 1980s in the shadow of a fictional Detroit auto plant. The work has a wide range of interstitial, instrumental music crossing among distinct genres including jazz, classical, and rhythm and blues. The score evokes the sounds of the city during the 1980s, and the lyrics capture the struggles of a working class family pinioned by the declining auto industry.

Derek Bermel, music
Wendy S. Walters, book and lyrics
Johanna McKeon ’92, director
Aisha de Haas (Adela)
Darius de Haas (Buddy)
Kingsley Leggs (Henry)
Famecia Ward (Charisse)
Christian Dante White (Chorus)

Act One

“What Work Means” (Henry, Buddy, and All)
“Laughing Song” (Monique and April)
“Buy It” (Television)
“Bad Daughter” (Charisse)
“You Look Like Yesterday” (Henry and Adela)
“Lucky Number” (Adela)
“Response” (Monique and April)
“She Won’t Get in My Way” (Buddy)
“I’ve Got You” (April and Monique)
“Golden” (Henry)
“Mary” (Buddy)
“Ambassador Bridge” (Buddy and Charisse)
“Living on Hope” (Adela)
“Blue Northern” (Charisse)
“I Know You” (Charisse and Adela)
“Dark Days are Behind Me” (Henry and All)

Act Two

“It’s Only Midnight” (Henry, Adela, and The Radio)
“What Work Means” (reprise)
“Down in My Book” (Henry)
“Thrown Out” (Adela)
“Danger be Done” (Henry)
“Fly” (Charisse)
“I Wait for You” (Buddy)
“Key in the Palm of My Hand” (Adela)
“No Hero” (Henry)

Staged Readings

Blackbox Theatre

Reed students and alumni perform excerpts from alumni plays directed by Reed theatre faculty.
Hosted by Tina Satter MALS ’04
Abbey Benak, stage manager


by Lee Blessing ’71

Catherine Ming T’ien Duffly, director
Ilana Novakoski ’16, stage directions
Ariel Dooner ’13 (Artie)
Deirdre Quirk ’14 (Echo)
Kathleen Worley (Dorothea)

Three generations of women are both united and divided by a passion for knowledge and creativity.

Mars Is a Star Who Defies Observation

by Bret Fetzer ’87

Kathleen Worley, director
Liz Groombridge ’16, stage directions
Corinne Bachaud ’14 (Tengnagel)
John Dawson ’08 (Tycho de Brahe)
Liz Groombridge ’16 (Elizabeth)
Jason King ’11 (Jepp)
Nash Morrow ’17 (Longomontanus)

A scene from the reimagined life of the astronomer Tycho de Brahe.

Lindsay/Lindzi, A Love Story

by Dominic Finocchiaro ’11

Kate Bredeson, director
Ariel Dooner ’13 (Lindsay)
Ashlin Hatch ’17 (Lindzi)

A play about Lindsay Lohan and someone who loves her.

The Ungovernable Sea

by Robert Quillen Camp ’99

Kathleen Worley, director
Corinne Bachaud ’14, stage directions
John Dawson (Cuchulain)
Jason King ’11 (Cathbad)
Nash Morrow ’17 (Conchobar)
Perry Nelson ’16 (The Fool)
Ilana Novokoski ’16 (Blind Man)

Mythic Irish heroes meet twenty-first century weather disasters.


by Katherine Tarker ’08

Kathleen Worley, director
Liz Groombridge ’16, stage directions
Ariel Dooner ’13 (Bethany)
Nash Morrow ’17 (Jakey)
Molly Waggett ’15 (Ellen)
Andrew Watson ’14 (Brian)

Young environmentalists face a polar adventure.

The Internationalist

by Anne Washburn ’91

Catherine Ming T’ien Duffly, director
Perry Nelson ’16, stage directions
India Hamilton ’16 (Sara)
Jason King ’11 (Lowell)
Perry Nelson ’16 (Waiter)

In this scene, a young man learns the customs and linguistic peculiarities of an unfamiliar culture.

Seagull (Thinking of You)  

by Kristina Satter MALS ’04

Catherine Ming T’ien Duffly, director
Molly Waggett ’15, stage directions
Anna Baker ’14 (Nina)
Isobel Bradbury ’15 (Arkadina)
John Dawson ’08 (Peter)
Mike Frazel ’17 (Treplev)
Kate Johnson ’16 (Masha)

The final scenes of a play that considers and responds to late Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s Seagull, taking on the beauty and darkness of the original play for a necessary rediscovery. It is a personal and unexpected piece ultimately about performing, failure, and making something with people you could love.

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre/Northwest


“L’esprit de l’escalier” was inspired by Heidi Duckler’s visit to the Performing Arts Building while it was still under construction. Duckler was especially impressed by the multiple levels of the tiered and woven stairs and by the architect’s decision to crown the top of the lobby with a rehearsal studio, a move that rendered her “speechless” by exposing the dancer’s rehearsal process so prominently in the design. “L’esprit de l’escalier” is Duckler’s choreographic response to this environment, her wish from the bottom of the stairs to rush back up and hug the brilliance of this innovative space.

About Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre/Northwest

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre/Northwest (HDDT/NW) is a new sister company of Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre (HDDT). HDDT/NW seeks to continue the HDDT mission of redefining relationships between artists and audiences by presenting bold choreography in extraordinary places. HDDT/NW initiates collaborations with artists and communities of the Pacific Northwest and cultivates public engagement to create meaningful, multidisciplinary performances with exceptional artistic standards.