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Connecting to Reed1x on Windows


IMPORTANT: Please make sure your version of Windows is up to date.

Before you can successfully connect to Reed1x, you will need to download the a special plugin located here.

    1. Open the installer from the desktop icon. You will see the window below. Click Next.Aruba Plugin

    2. The helper will proceed to install the plugin. If you encounter an error message here, please Contact CUS.

    3. After installing, you must restart your machine.Aruba3

    4. After rebooting, connect to Reed1x as you would any other network.

    5. You will be prompted to enter your credentials. Use your Kerberos username and password here. Leave the 'Logon domain' blank.
      *Note: Make sure to look behind other windows for this log in screen, it may be hiding!


    6. Enjoy your internet!