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Connecting to Reed1x on Windows or Linux

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

NOTICE: We're aware of an issue impacting new installations of Windows 10 unable to connect to Reed1x. Please use ReedXenia in the meantime whilst we develop a solution.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your version of Windows is up to date.

Before you can successfully connect to Reed1x, you will need to download the a special plugin located here.

    1. Open the installer from the desktop icon. You will see the window below. Click Next.Aruba Plugin

    2. The helper will proceed to install the plugin. If you encounter an error message here, please Contact CUS.

    3. After installing, you must restart your machine.Aruba3

    4. After rebooting, connect to Reed1x as you would any other network.

    5. You will be prompted to enter your credentials. Use your Kerberos username and password here. Leave the 'Logon domain' blank.
      *Note: Make sure to look behind other windows for this log in screen, it may be hiding!


    6. Enjoy your internet!

Linux (Using Ubuntu)

If you've never attempted to connect to Reed1x, click on the network icon in the dock and select it now. You will be prompted for authentication settings, which you should fill out as shown here using your Kerberos username and password. When everything matches the example below click "Connect".

NOTE: If you are prompted for a "Certificate Authority" simply ignore and continue.

Open a web browser and enjoy your internet!


If you have attempted to connect before but do not have internet access, follow the steps below to verify your connection settings:

1. Click on the network icon in the dock and select "Edit Connections" at the bottom.


2. In the Wireless tab, select Reed1x and then click “Edit…”


3. Go to the Wi-Fi Security tab and make sure your security settings match those listed below.

Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Anonymous Identity: Your Kerberos Username
CA Certificate: (None)
PEAP Version: Automatic
Inner authentication: GTC
Username: Your Kerberos Username
Password: Your Kerberos Password

6. Click “Save…”, “Close”, and then connect by selecting Reed1x from the network dock menu.