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Webmail Overview

Note: Webmail is being phased out since Reed is adopting Gmail. Incoming students as well as current students who have already migrated, will need to access their email at

This page is intended as a guide for users who wish to use Webmail as their e-mail client for Reed's new IMAP system.

Accessing Webmail

Webmail should be available from any internet-capable computer on or off campus. It is located at To log in, use your Kerberos username and password. More information on this and how to reset your password can be found on our Kerberos page.

Creating Your Signature

Webmail can add a signature to the bottom of every message. Signatures may include additional contact information, quotes, or just a name. Be sure that you won't mind having it appended to all your e-mails.

To create a signature, click on the Settings button. Click on the Identities tab and select your account. To add a signature, select the Signature tab. A field exists for you to type in your signature. Press Save to save your signature.

Your new signature will be automatically inserted into the text field of any new message you begin composing with Webmail. In the event that you don't want to include your signature in a particular message, simply delete it while composing the message.

How to Use the Webmail Interface: A Brief Description of the Main Window