Computing & Information Services

College-paid Dial-up Access

College-provided dial-up access

The college provides 56k dial-up accounts at no charge to all regular and visiting faculty members, emeritus faculty who are teaching, and staff members who require dial-up access as part of their jobs (staff accounts must be approved by the relevant VP, Dean, or other member of the President's Staff). We contract with Infinity Internet for dialup service. CIS staff will help you get started with the account.

Student or other staff Dial-up access

We've provided a list of local providers for those who'd like to purchase dial-up internet access. Reed College has no special relationship with these providers; the list is provided purely for convenience.

Email access via dialup

Email works the same from off campus as it does from on campus. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and webmail, when correctly configured, will all work normally.

Web access via dialup

Most Reed web pages are fully accessible from off campus. Some pages, such as licensed library resources, have restricted access. To access these services you should follow the instructions for proxy service, which works with Reed dialup as well as other off-campus ISPs.

Dial-up Phone Numbers

There local dialup numbers available all over the United states, including several in the Portland area. You can find a complete list of numbers at the Infinity Internet web site. In the Portland area, you can start with 503-808-8050. If this is not a local call for you or if you experience difficulties with it, please visit the Infinity Internet site for other numbers or call Infinity Internet (800-689-4303) or the Help Desk for help.

If you can't find a local access number, we can arrange to provide a limited amount of toll-free access that will allow you to dial in from anywhere in the United States. Please contact CUS if you need this service.

International Access

If you need Internet access while travelling abroad, we recommend that you make local arrangements rather than try dialing to U.S. numbers. Many hotels and Internet cafes offer reasonable rates for short-term access; for long-term solutions you may want to make an arrangement with a local ISP. If you have a college-provided dialup account and are travelling to Canada, the toll-free access number is available; check with the Help Desk to make sure that your account includes this feature.

Loaner Dialup Accounts

If you are travelling on College business and need a dialup account for a short time, please contact the Computer User Services Help Desk; we maintain a pool of accounts that we lend out for this purpose.