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Computer Equipment Requests

Annual Computer Equipment Requests

The annual computer equipment request process is the primary way for faculty and staff to obtain college computer equipment. There are some limitations on what can be requested through this process. For example, the college will not provide more than one office computer per person and will only provide shared laser printers. Funding is available to replace computers approximately every five years.

Faculty may request an iPad to support teaching or scholarship. The CER budget will fund up to $500 for an iPad allocation.  Additional funds for more expensive iPads, monthly data charges, and software can be charged to departmental budgets, grants, personal funds, or other sources.  iPads purchased through CER are owned by the college and are eligible for periodic replacement.

Staff who need an iPad for their work may request one through the Mobile Device Allowance Policy, available from the Business Office website.  Funds for staff iPads are generally provided by the department and iPads purchased through the mobile device policy are owned by the individual.  In some cases requiring confidential data or VPN access, iPads may be purchased and owned by the department.

Other than iPads, equipment and software costing $500 or less, such as accessories, personal printers, and other peripherals, should be purchased through your departmental supplies budget.

The call for requests are distributed to all faculty and to administrative departments in the early spring. Individuals then have more than a month to research and prepare their equipment requests. We encourage everyone to think about the specific ways in which their current equipment doesn't meet their needs. CIS staff will consult with individuals to help them identify equipment needs.

Department chairs collect and prioritize all the individual requests for their areas. These departmental prioritizations are extremely important, as they are the primary means for determining which requests will be fulfilled each year. Other criteria include feasibility of the project, number of years since the last allocation, and availability of funding. For more details, check the full computer allocation policy.

Spring 2014 Timeline:

February 4 - Call for equipment requests
March 3 - Equipment requests submitted online in IRIS
March 10 - Rankings submitted by department heads
April 21 - Notification of allocation decisions

To submit computer equipment requests in IRIS, follow these steps:

  • Log into IRIS
  • Go to the Reminders Box and Click the Computer equipment requests link.
  • Click the Add a new equipment request link.  You can request equipment for yourself, for someone else, or for a shared facility like a classroom or lab.
  • Repeat Add a new equipment request as many times as needed.

To rank your department's requests, follow these steps:

  • Log into IRIS
  • Go to the Reminders Box and Click the Computer equipment requests link.
  • Under Request rankings, click on the name of your department.
  • Click Edit rankings and use the pull-down menus to assign rankings. You can come back later and change rankings or rank additional requests.
  • Click Finalize to submit your department's requests.  Once you have finalized, you won't be able to modify requests or rankings.

Requests are normally ranked by department chairs.  If you would like to designate an alternate person to rank your department's requests, please contact Marianne Colgrove.

Emergency Equipment Requests

If you need computer equipment before the next round of allocations, you can submit an emergency equipment request to Marianne Colgrove. It must be a REAL emergency on the order of, "I can't teach my class without this equipment."

Faculty Development Requests

Faculty may also request computers from the Stillman-Drake Fund. Request forms are distributed by the Dean of Faculty each fall. There are criteria for computers requested through this fund.