The Center for Life Beyond Reed, Division of Student Services

LASER mission

Mission statement and introduction

The Reed students that mentor, teach after-school classes, and assist in classrooms every week at Lane Middle School take an important, active role in an academic community that is a strong departure from the one that they experience every day at Reed. The student population at Lane Middle School is ethinically diverse, with the student body being about 48% white, 25% Latino, 12% African American, 12% Asain students, and 5% Native American. In addition, almost 75% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunches, and only 15% of students meet state wrting standards. The Reed students that work at Lane are not there to "rescue" the school or its students. Instead, our program recognizes that Reed students, as members of a socially and academically elite community, have access to resources, skills, and privileges that Lane students do not. As such, one important goal of the partnership is for interns and mentors to begin to confront the social and economic inequities that stratify our city and our national public education system. The partnership hopes to provide Lane students with otherwise unavailable classroom assistance, desired and consistent after-school classes, and one-on-one mentor relationships. Reed students are given the opportunity to gain valuable first-hand teaching experience while forging and sustaining important connections with the greater Portland community.

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