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Reed ski cabin: then and now

Early in its existence, the college rented the cabin to the student body through the "Outing Club." Current students, faculty, and staff were considered "cabin members" and could obtain the necessary cabin key for free, provided they returned it on time. Alumni and family members could make special arrangements with the Outing Club board to stay at the cabin for a whopping one dollar.

In the past few years the cabin has grown immensely in popularity, especially as a choice locale for dorm trips and outdoor programming by the physical education department. Yet this popularity has brought problems of its own: severe overcrowding during peak times, occasional conflict between users, random acts of stupidity, and sporadic but significant abuse of the facilities. These issues are not only sobering safety concerns--they undermine Reed's culture of honor and respect for community.

In June of 2002 an ad hoc committee of students, staff, faculty and alumni representatives was formed to study the current use and management of the ski cabin. With no lack of awareness that the cabin is beloved by many (and many would view proposed changes with suspicion), they endeavored to formulate recommendations that would enhance recreational and educational opportunities for students, help manage safety risks, and bring the cabin into alignment with existing law and local code.

This summer the recommendations were presented to president Colin Diver for consideration; read his response here....