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Members of Reed's alumni association recieve the following benefits and services:

Alumni ID card

Upon graduating, each Reed alumnus/a is presented with an ID card containing their name and Reed ID. This card permits access to the library, sports center, and ski cabin. If you lose your card, send an email to and we'll order you a new one - and if you'd like, we can outfit you with a temporary card so you can access these resources in the meantime.

Reed Magazine

All alumni recieve a copy of Reed Magazine. If you are not recieving Reed Magazine and would like to, send an email to To submit class notes, letters, or obituary information, send an email to


All alumni who have an email address on file recieve ReediEnews, a quarterly e-newsletter. If you are not recieving ReediEnews, send an email to to update your email address. IN between issues, you may follow ReediEnews on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


The library and the alumni office have joined forces to sponsor alumni access for JSTOR, a digital archive that offers a wide range of academic content from anywhere in the world. Simply log in using your Kerberos credentials (the same login and password that you use for the online directory in IRIS.) See details on our blog.


IRIS is a secure portal that can only be accessed by members of the Reed community. Alumni can use it to search for employment opportunities, easily update their email address, phone number, employment information, or address, update their class notes, and find their fellow alumni in the alumni directory. Register for an account here or login here.

PS: Lost your password to IRIS? Don't know how to create an account? Nerds are standing by at

Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library

Alumni may visit the library during business hours and borrow materials upon presentation of an alumni association ID card.

Computing facilities

Alumni are allowed to sign up for a temporary user account allowing them to use computer terminals in the library and the Educational Technology Center (ETC) during regular business hours.

To get a temporary user account, visit the CUS help desk in the ETC with photo ID and your alumni association ID card; you will be required to sign a user agreement. Your account will be good for a limited time-currently 180 days-and can be renewed by another visit to the help desk. Printing is not available to alumni and help desk support provides basic help with logging in only.

Email forwarding

As alumni of Reed, you are eligible to use our online alumni directory and/or set up an email forwarding address within the IRIS portal. This service allows you to automatically forward email to your preferred account at your current internet service provider (ISP). When you create your forwarding address, your friends will always be able to reach you by email at

Center for Life Beyond Reed

All alumni have access to the Center for Life Beyond Reed website (using their IRIS password), which includes more than 700 alumni volunteers, job postings, and a lot of valuable job search and grad school information. Alumni who are five or less years out may use the same assessment and counseling services as students.

Short-term medical insurance

Reed has an arrangement with a company called Meyer and Associates to provide short-term medical insurance at a discounted rate to Reedies and their families. Medical insurance is available for those temporarily without coverage, such as the unemployed and recent graduates, and for special situations, including travelers and students.

To investigate specific policies and find out if this form of insurance is right for you, please contact Meyer and Associates directly using the contact information below and simply mention your connection to Reed.

Meyer and Associates
18 Washington Avenue
Chatham, NJ 07928
1-800-635-7801 (1 a.m.-6 p.m. EST)

Watzek Sports Center

Alumni may use the facility at any time during regular hours of operation upon presenting an alumni association ID card and signing in at the cage. See the following guidelines put forth by the sports center:

Meeting students' needs is the sports center's primary mission. In recent years, the physical education department has deliberately focused its attention on attracting students to our unique array of classes and it is important to retain student interest by offering a wide variety of activity options and upgrading facilities accordingly. For this reason classes and programs take priority; thus, we ask that alumni relinquish equipment or space upon request and recognize the sports center staff's authority in asking people to honor the following guidelines.

  1. All alumni who use the sports center must present a current alumni association ID card and sign in at the cage (located at the north entrance to the sports center) prior to using the facility. Alumni ID cards may be obtained through the alumni relations office in Greywood, by calling 503/777-7589 or via email at
  2. The sports center is unable to accommodate guests and family members of alumni. The facility is intended for use by the students, faculty, staff, and alumni only.
  3. When signing in, alumni are requested to identify the specific area (e.g., weight room, swimming pool, squash courts) that they intend to use.
  4. During the academic year (when classes are in session), the facility is reserved for student use only (e.g., alumni not allowed) during the following peak hours: Monday through Friday, 4-7 p.m. and Saturday, 12-4 p.m. (weight room only).
  5. The sports center is part of the educational institution and our classes and programs take priority in the facility, thus, alumni are requested to relinquish the use of any athletic equipment or space should they be asked.
  6. Alumni who are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines may be asked to leave the facility.

Ski cabin

Born of a trustee's memorial fund in the late 1940s, the Reed ski cabin has long been a spot for many fond memories on the part of students and alumni. If you plan to use the cabin and want to be sure it will be open, please contact the current cabin manager at or 503/272-3464. Learn more about the cabin here.

Request a transcript

Alumni may request an official transcript for $5/copy. For more information, click here or send an email to