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Reed College students during commencement

HATS OFF to the Class of ’15. Learn more about our inspiring commencement speaker.

Our keynote speaker was Kathleen Saadat ’74, a powerful advocate for economic justice, women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. Reed and Portland have benefited greatly from her work.

Other inspiring Reedies:

Reed College students participating in thesis burning

BLAZE OF GLORY. Why are these seniors burning drafts of their theses?

The capstone of the Reed experience is the senior thesis—an original work of scholarship that tackles a problem of particular significance to the writer. After turning in their final manuscripts, ecstatic seniors set their discarded drafts ablaze at the Thesis Parade.

Reed College professor Darius Rejali

ASK YOURSELF WHY. Reed professors help you tackle the tricky questions.

Reed professors are teachers first. But they’re also authors, scholars, and mentors. Prof. Darius Rejali is an authority on the use of torture and leads courses on political philosophy. He’s as likely to quote Hobbes or Harry Potter.

Insanely great Reed professors:

Bio majors in Reed Canyon

WADE IN. Reed bio majors get their feet wet doing real science.

Rachel Fox ’15 and Claire Brumbaugh-Smith ’15 wade into the Reed Canyon to see how dissolved oxygen affects the habitat of frogs and other critters.

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Reed Magazine

Reed Magazine

Interstellar Odyssey

Hunting for the classical roots of science fiction.


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