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Reed College students participating in Relay

Reedies forge close relationships in an intellectual quest that lasts a lifetime.

Top-down leadership? Not at Reed. The Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY) gives students in-depth training in the social change model of being a leader, which focuses on collaboration, common purpose, and mentorship.

August 2013
Alex Krafcik

Reed College students enjoying spring in Eliot Circle among the cherry blossom trees

Our community is built on inquiry and integrity, and a bit of clever mischief.

With the arrival of spring—and the scent of cherry blossoms in the air—that epic (and unusual) snowstorm is becoming a distant memory. What adventures will the warmer weather bring? Will the Doyle Owl resurface?

April 2013
Leah Nash

Reed College students walk during spring commencement

Reedies go on to lead fascinating, purposeful lives.

A Reed education is transformational. It engages you in serious intellectual work, prepares you for anything, and allows you to discover in yourself the taproot of your achievement.

May 2012
Leah Nash