Human Resources

Human resources supports Reed's goal to provide an education of the highest intellectual standards.  Just like all Reed staff, we are dedicated to serving those in the classroom.  We do this in four ways:

  • HR helps make Reed College a great place to work for every employee
  • HR helps foster good communication and honor among employees
  • HR helps maintain a diverse and productive workforce
  • HR helps leaders be even better leaders.  Every Reed employee deserves a great supervisor.

What doesn't HR do?
We don't make decisions about employee hires, pay, promotion or termination. Leaders do this. HR often gives a recommendation but does not have authority to make these decisions.

Michelle Valintis
director of human resources

Sarah Laughlin
assistant director of human resources


Cypress Allard
human resources generalist


If you talk with HR, we are glad to keep our conversation confidential.  Please point out when you would like confidentiality versus when you request us to take some action.  The only times we cannot extend confidentiality are when you tell us about illegal or prohibited activity or when someone is in physical danger.

Hours   8:30 am – 5 pm Mon – Fri
  Eliot 305
Phone   503/517-7608
Fax   503/777-7775